My Running Life

Welcome to my blog!  Some would say I have a pretty active lifestyle.  I have been a runner ever since I can remember.  My dad is an avid runner and he was there when I didn’t make the cheerleading squad in 7th grade – a world-crushing moment for 7th-grade me.  He suggested trying cross country, I reluctantly agreed, and have never looked back.  I should mention I only joined on the promise of new shoes. 🙂  Anyway, I ran all through high school and college and continue to run today, though not nearly as fast!  I have run 2 marathons, and too many 1/2 marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks to count.  The picture below is me during the Cleveland Marathon in May of 2011.

A suburbanite and country girl all my life, I have recently become a city girl!  I moved to Chicago in June and so far I love it (minus the commute home from Judson during rush hour!).  I spend my mornings running along Lake Michigan and my nights eating back all the calories burned at a new great restaurant.

In my blog I will be sharing some of my Chicago running life with you (races I run, fun places to exercise, etc.), but I will also share some other athletic (or just fun) activities that I embark on in the future.  This summer I am on a kickball team and a sand volleyball team, so stories from both of those should provide you with lots of laughs on account of I am only coordinated enough for running, and not much else.

I hope you enjoy reading all I have to write about.  Please feel free to leave questions, comments or anything else!


6 thoughts on “My Running Life

  1. Run Amy Run! I am envious of those who love to run. I, myself, am NOT a runner. I would love to do a mini-triathalon… but the running part holds me back. Perhaps your blog will inspire me and I will give running a try.

  2. Your personality shines through this post, I love it! I enjoyed reading the background of how you became a runner (and laughed about the new shoes comment – so perfect!). I am so amazed at how many races you have done – you go girl! I have done one half-marathon and the training for that kicked my butt! I loved running the race and in theory would love to do another one — so I get your interest! – but I just don’t know if I have it in me to train for another!

    I also had to laugh at your commuting comment (totally feel you!) and about eating back all the calories from running … hard not to with so many good restaurants around! Can’t wait to read all about your running adventures — and kickball and volleyball too! 🙂 🙂

  3. As you venture with your running, I would love to know if any of the places are okay for bike riding. I am not a runner, but I love to bike. Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. I am so jealous of your passion for running! I would love to be a runner but really struggle with having the stamina to run for long distances. I love to work out and I am very active. I will have to hear some of your tips to stay motivated with running!

  5. Let me beginning by saying that although I was on the track team in high school, I hate running! My daughter is a runner and has done numerous races in the city as well as a half marathon (do I need a hyphen there?) I am a GREAT cheerleader! Let me know the next race you are running and I will be there with my sign. 🙂

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