Mud Wars Chicago!

Yesterday some of my friends and I participated in the first annual Mud Wars Chicago at Northerly Island.  Mud Wars is a 5K run with lots of mud and several different obstacles to navigate throughout the course.  Some notable obstacles were the monkey bars over a pool of water and wooden fences to climb over..

This was the first “extreme” run that I have ever done, so I really didn’t know what to expect going into it.  My friends and I were a little disappointed with the lack of organization at the race site.  First of all, when we arrived, the line to check in was a mile long (not even kidding).  We waited in line for almost two hours and were not even halfway to where we needed to check in.  Since we had pre-paid for this race, all we needed to get from the check-in point was a bib number.  We decided that it wasn’t worth waiting another hour for so we just hopped in the race without numbers and didn’t look back.

Once we were off and running, there were so many people and no course officials to regulate, so most of the obstacles were backed up and we ended up standing and waiting at each obstacle instead of running the whole thing. I would post a link to the website, however it has been shut down as of yesterday evening.  After reading some reviews on Yelp, it turns out there were many more problems than just the disorganization.

My friends and I did have fun because we were all together and sharing in the ridiculousness of the race, but we would have liked to see more organization from the crew in charge.   After the race, we jumped in the lake to clean ourselves off and today has been spent trying to get the mud out of the washing machine!

Below are some pics!



7 thoughts on “Mud Wars Chicago!

    • Amy, this looks/sounds so fun!! It looks like you all had a great time. I can imagine how frustrating it was with all the disorganization you mentioned. Remind me when this lovley event is taking place next year, and I just might join you!

  1. Looks like fun (even though it was a bit disorganized). It is always great to be with friends doing something you all love. Then, add a little mud and it is sure to make you smile. Love the pictures! Your running adventures are fun to read about… thanks for sharing them; I am a ‘virtual’ runner because reading your blog is the closest thing I have to actually running!

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